Jasmine Wilson


Madan Kumar

One of the Asia’s Topmost Salsa Artist / Champion / Choreographer, ’ MADSTYLE ‘ as the name suggests it is his creative exploration and an innovation of new age unique styling with Latin Fusion. He is the undefeated 4X-Times ‘ All India Salsa professional Champion ‘ and known for his Powerful, Sleek, Creative and Original choreography. Madan Madstyle is the only Indian to win 2nd place in Salsa Professionals Category @World Salsa Championships 2019 ( Hong Kong ), He is the proud Founder/Owner of Madmax Academy of Dance (M.A.D)- Mumbai


Leo Preston

Leo grew up in London, UK. As a kid, he loved both sports and music; playing baseball, football, piano, and violin. While in graduate school to becoming a musician, Leo was inspired by the movie “Great Ballroom” to try ballroom dancing. He immediately realized that dancing, and using it as a vehicle to help others grow, was his life’s purpose, and he has been teaching since 2015.